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20-04-2019, 06:12 PM

Re: Foootball boycott of social media!

Originally Posted by Silver Tabby ->
Could we boycott both football and social media??
I have as good as boycotted Facebook anyway. Last year there was so much pornography streamed to my Facebook account under the guise of 'People You May Know' that I made getting on for 1,000 complaints to Facebook, mostly without result.

Photographs and videos of the most graphic details you could imagine appeared but they would not accept it was Pornography. They amended their 'tick box' reporting methods but still would not give the option on these of Pornography. In the end after reporting over 10,000 image of this nature I decided simply to stop using it and seldom go on there now.

What gets me in all this is that their minimum age to have an account is given as 13, I know for fact that youngsters below this age have accounts. Even so a 13-year-old should not be subjected to these types of images and there's nothing to stop them viewing if it's 'streamed' in this way.
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