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10-02-2018, 12:17 AM

Re: Thoughts wanted please...

Our heated cat beds had this blankets in them as well, could not do cushions as the beds would have overheated. On the scale were were working to everything I tried to make easier to clean and maintain. every cat pen cleaned first thing in the morning.

Even if preparing food in the kennel kitchen we had monitored CCTV in each kennel block, and everywhere fully alarmed at night kennels and cattery included

We also had seperate 4 CCTV cameras recording 24/7 around the place and flood light motion detectors on the cattery and the kennel blocks.

As I say it was some setup and no one could get in, even via the back drive without us knowing. alarm would go off in the house , bloody foxes often woke us up.

We use to take on school kids for work experience until the law tighten up so much it wasn't worth the effort.
We had to be passed by the council -the schools and the parents each one inspecting first. really messed us about. Before That the kids if any good we offered holiday and weekend work depending on age
parents liked it because they were in a safe supervised environment and the kids liked being with the animals.

That all had to stop and we only took on vets in training afterwards

any people going to the local vets if asked about which kennels were best the vets only said they boarded with us for their own cats or dogs. They were not allowed to say go to this one or that one not ethical
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