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07-12-2018, 04:38 AM

Re: Sex, Intimacy and Exclusivity in the Afterlife

Originally Posted by gumbud ->
yes but!! ah but! well but!! - you haven't mentioned "imagination" IMO it doesn't matter how many workshops are attended etc etc but if your imagination is nil or stale or whatever then nothing happens. Imagination involves "letting go" - letting go of the norm ; of societal restrictions ; letting go of yourself and taking a leap of faith !
In fiction, imagination is a given. FYI..A person cannot write fiction without imagination. If you go to book cover or if you read the equivalent of what I've given you above as a description of the book, on a listing of books for sale online, they never talk about imagination. I had to imagine all the sex scenes. I had to imagine what it's like in the afterlife. Etc.

The first stuff I provided was lead into the subject and my qualifications to write the book. Do you need me to break it down line by line and paragraph by paragraph, or do you think you can sort it out?
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