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13-01-2018, 12:40 AM


I don't know much about this story yet, but did anyone see the news tonight about the woman who sent her dead dog to South Korea to be cloned?
Apparently the charge can be 100,000 for this work!

Anyway, the little Daxi which resulted from this is now grown up and she is breeding from the cloned dog now.

The RSPCA were on, and they were against it. They said dogs are kept in laboratories just for their eggs to be removed, and not treated well.

I expect they are once again, practicing on animals so they will be able to make a bettter job of cloning humans.
Then pet owners like this lady in England, and others like her, are funding the research on these poor animals.

I know as much as anyone how devastating painful the death of our animals are, but I still think we need to find a way of accepting death, rather than making other animals suffer too. They have no say in their future - but we could.
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13-01-2018, 12:47 AM

Re: Cloning

This is a difficult one Mupsy.
I can see in the future cloning for lost children.
How can we put a price on heartache?
There will always be someone who sees a way of making money from it.
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