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05-11-2018, 01:00 AM

Re: How Often Do You Clean Out Your Gutters?

Originally Posted by Lindyloo ->
Cleaning out the gutters isn't the whole job though is it? Cleaning the guttering and soffits is also needed, then the gutters need to be checked to make sure they haven't shifted and start leaking. Just a bloke with a ladder should be able to do the job
bloke and ladder will run into health and safety issues now
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06-11-2018, 04:12 PM

Re: How Often Do You Clean Out Your Gutters?

Originally Posted by realspeed ->
You have not seen my post (4) then .Costs depend on how big your house is- how many gutters need cleaning etc and local wage costs,re area you live in and what they want to charge.

To do mine in East Sussex on a large 4 bed 2 story house with one long gutter at the back and 4 small at the front would be around 80+

I bought my own Skyvac Atom and after 6 times using it, (In my case 2 years) covered the cost of around 450.approx. You will find neighbours wanting you to do theirs as well, helps pay for it more power than needed infact to do the job. You can feel the stuff from the gutter going into the Atom

Bought mine in NOV 2016 for 464 and as I had to wait for the new version with the bigger motor they gave me a
fifth pole for nothing. Still works as good as new

Don't forget it blows as well as sucks and really powerful. Put you hand on the vacuum inlet and you will have trouble taking it away.

As for the camera I showed how i did it in the picture
So why did I buy it?

I can now clean them when I want not rely on a third party who may not turn up "hint". cleans out wet or dry roof gutters

One of the best home maintenance investments you can get. I can't stress enough how handy owning one is apart from the actual enjoyment and pleasure ( yes it is actually fun believe it or not) not to mention satisfaction having cleaned your own gutters

I pulled out a huge clump if grass growing in one of the downpipes

Cleaning is oh so simple- unclip the motor and lift off- remove inner bag and wash under garden tap- tip out contents in body part and again wash out remaining gunge . reassemble

Got to do mine again shortly with all the oak tree leafs the gutters collect

I have to say I am surprised not more people own one I can't praise it enough
Thanks for that Speedo - it was particularly helpful. I think we get someone to do it for us in the first instance.
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