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20-05-2017, 01:11 PM

Spain protests at racist attacks in the UK since Brexit

I think it's all rather sad, but I'm actually beginning to think that perhaps the UK should start throwing out all those they don't want there and proceed to build something like the great wall of China around the UK to keep everyone out and themselves in. Reading articles such as the following one really does make you ashamed to be British. First the Polish, now the Spanish.

Spain protests at racist attacks in the UK since Brexit.

The number of attacks on Spanish people and businesses in the UK is reported to have risen.

Since the Brexit referendum which was held almost eleven months ago there is reported to have been a significant increase in the number of xenophobic attacks on Spanish people and businesses in the UK, to the point where the
Spanish government has made an official request to the British authorities for an investigation to be launched into the problem.

Statistics seem to indicate that the mjoority of anti-foreign attacks in the UK are being directed against those of Poish nationality, but Spaniards and others are also being targeted by those who harbour grudges against foreigners in Britain. In one well-publicised case, a 27 year old Spanish man was attacked with a plank by a Briton when he heard him speaking Spanish in the steets of Poole in Dorset, while other incidents include the daubing of racist graffiti on Spanish restaurants.

In the light of these and other occurrences, the Spanish government has acted upon a request received from the Podemos political party and has informed the Foreign Office and the Home office of all incidents related to anti Spanish xenophobia, while Spain't Consulates in the UK have contacted the victims to offer support. Such in the nature of modern society, though, that in most cases the individuals concerned have not sought the help of the Consulates or the Spanish Embassy, preferring instead to publicise their grievances on social network sites.

For this reason, the Spanish Embassy in London has published a message on it's website urging Spanish nationals to report racist attacks to the British police and to the Spanish authorities, so that the Consulates in Edinburgh and London can ensure that appropriate police action is taken. Similarly, the Embassy informs the Home Office and Foreign
Office directly and immediately of any attack of this kind.

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