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10-02-2019, 06:36 PM

What an amazing man

Just read this in todays paper and thought Id give the heads up for his coming book ( and Ive no doubt someone will make a movie )

War zone doctor tells how wife helped him overcome horrors

Life was full but also somehow empty. All of my previous relationships had failed. I had always longed for a partner, maybe even a family, but simply had not met the right person.
It was a trip to Gaza in July 2014, a week after the latest Israel-Palestinian conflict had broken out, which signalled the end of my solitary existence.
One night, I was woken at 1am when my bed bounced off the floor following an enormous explosion near our safe house. More shells landed, the pounding getting closer and closer.
The skies were lit up by searchlights, drones flying around and fighter jets circling above, firing indiscriminately.
With some other volunteer medics, I was evacuated to a concrete underground room to sit through what sounded like the coming apocalypse. Not even in Iraq or Afghanistan had I experienced such intense military action.
I had been shot at by snipers in Sarajevo; had a gun put to my head in the Democratic Republic of Congo; come face to face with the Janjaweed militia in Darfur. I have operated on patients while bombs fell or threatened to fall on hospitals in the besieged Libyan port city of Misrata and in the Balkans.
A group of Islamic State (IS) gunmen invaded my makeshift operating theatre in Aleppo; on another occasion I saw them drag a patient outside and behead him in the street. But here in Gaza, I thought my time might finally be up. I reflected on the fact I had nobody to share that thought with, or talk about what was happening to me.
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