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28-06-2020, 06:37 PM

scorpion electric saw by Black and Decker review

This is the second one I have had and a very useful bit of kit.

But as this is a review I have to be honest and say if it is the first one bought you would send it back as faulty.

What happened having just got it inserting the blade it felt as if it had jammed and not got into the locking position. So as I have several blades each one was the same, although they were ok with my previous one and the blades should fit, as they are comparible with both models. In the end I had to use a bit of lubrication oil. after several more goes the safety lock eased up a bit.

When I got my original one 6 years ago it came with a plastic case (shown in photo) and was included in the price. Now you have to pay extra for that case as it comes in a cardboard box.
That is the negative side, on the plus side it is so easy to use as can be found on youtube. It saves all that hand sawing and will even cut out shapes with the small wood blade. It also comes with a decent length of power cord which is a bonus. covered with a plug fitted with a 5amp fuse.
So for cutting wood metal or plastic this tool will do the job with ease.

Summing up

would I recommend it ? yes or I would not have got another after the previous one packed up after a lot of use. I think even the ladies would find it a great help, not trying to be sexist
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