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01-08-2020, 01:25 AM

In response to RS.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reply in the usual way due to some restrictions or other.
Originally Posted by realspeed ->
The birds in flight was taken on my Nikon D800 which I had not touched, it was the D810 that I cleaned.
Bird in flight - singular.
Maybe you want to find out and ask first before your tirade about sensor cleaning. Don't jump to conclusions
Hardly a tirade - you were the one that spent so much time giving us your 'expert' technical knowledge. Why not have your camera equipment cleaned and calibrated by a professional? It's money well spent. As an aside, you use Photoshop Elements for your PP, of which I am not familiar with. However, I have found this for you If that doesn't suit you, why not try Topaz
I suspect either of them could enhance your photographs.They could take your snaps from record shots to 'I like that' As for jumping to conclusions, you have posted on here numerous times about your photographic acumen. You have given us your 'expert' advice and yet, you still are unable to deliver 'frameworthy' shots. Please don't give us the 'I'm 75 now and unable to produce handheld shots' As previously mentioned in another post, I have friends older than yourself that are very capable of taking wildlife photographs that are in focus and not pixelated to the max. You also mentioned that a lot of your shots were taken using a tripod. Have you tried live view for your camera? This could definitely help you. Also, you mentioned in another post that you have a super-duper remote that could take images for you over 100 metres. Why not try using your tripod and remote to gain better shots. Even better, use continuous focus and manual exposure to gain 'in focus' shots.

As for the bee I would love to see you do better with the flower head swaying as much as it was in the wind.
No problem, I'll just wait for a windy day and if I have the time, I'll photograph one for your wall You can have it free of charge, without any COPYRIGHT implications.

You messed up big time. My advice to you is don't comment on my photos

I hardly need your advice, especially photographically and should I wish to comment on your 'photos', then I shall. However, there would be no point as you clearly need help with your photography and I have tried in the past to no avail. My advice to you is, in simplistic terms, don't give out advice

I don't expect any apology from you although it would be nice.
Then you wont be disappointed then
I see that you have posted the same photo on TP, of which I frequent quite often. Congratulations, you gained one like I have asked a few of my friends on there why they haven't commented on your shot and they said that it would be too embarrassing. That is a shame as you have the gear to do so much better, you just need to know how to use it properly. Have you tried manual instead of AP? Do you fully understand the exposure triangle and exposure compensation? No, I thought not. You can do better and I hope that after watching and reading, you post some good shots.

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