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20-05-2019, 08:57 PM

The Hireling

Watched 'The Hireling' winner of many awards, with Sarah Miles and Robert Shaw on Talking Pictures. A wonderful film superb acting by Sarah.
Lady Franklin 'Sarah' is recovering from a nervous breakdown after her husband's death.
The anguish and sorrow show in her beautiful eyes.
She is lonely and likes to chat with Chauffeur Robert when he is driving her about, and sits in the front seat.
We are all aware that he is falling in love with Lady Franklin, except for lady Franklin who only wants someone to have friendly chats with. Any way he forgets his position and one day in the Limo he declares his love grabs her and kisses her.

She is appalled as she is now in a relationship with another aristocrat.

Why on earth did Robert think he had a chance with Lady Franklin who just viewed him as a friend to talk to?

The end is quite sad.

Sarah is beautiful and has been in the news recently.

She is also known for drinking her own urine for health reasons.
However, she has now divulged she and Lawrence Olivier had been Lovers over a period of twenty years, even when married to others. and Olivier was married to Joan Plowright
also said Olivier was By- sexual.

Gosh! How the other half live!
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